GWS 300-001 Topics in GWS: Love and Risk:

This course encourages you to reflect on love: as a politics, a way of knowing communities and campuses and nations, a media construct, and a space of intimacy, negotiation, and conflict. The course is designed as a seminar where we look at readings on these topics across a number of disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches and apply them to everyday experiences, events, and your topics of interest. We will take advantage of the Year of the Indian Subcontinent to structure the course around a number of topics, films, and speakers that use South Asia as an example of exploring these themes. Instructor: Srimati Basu, MW 5:00-6:15pm, CP 208.

GEO 330-001 Topics in Geography: Geography of the Indian Subcontinent:

A Study of the human, economic, and environmental aspects of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Himalayan Nepal and Bhutan, and Sri Lanka.  Topics include physical and cultural regionalisms, land use and population problems, and patterns of economic development involving urbanization, resources, and industrialization:  Instructor: Paul Koran, TR 2:00-3:15pm, Whitehall Classroom Building 247. 

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